My shit

"So are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying?"

"To take a hold of another’s hand is to break from living individually. It is to link yourself to another being, to momentarily entwine your life with another’s, to promise, for a moment, that you need not face the world alone."

Don’t you remember a n y t i n g?

                 I wish I could r e m e m b e r.

I wish I could  F


Favorite Brian and Justin kisses (hot edition)

You can fuck whoever you want, as long as it’s not twice. Same for me. And no names or numbers exchanged. And no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, you always come home… One more thing. You don’t kiss anyone else on the mouth but me.

"He’d be better of without me"

Sunshine, how did I ever get along without you?
You didn’t.

Season 3 Things: Brian and Justin are totally over.

As for the ass business…


it’s justin’s memory that’s been locked up and it’s up to you to release it, handsome prince.

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